clear cut

About Crash and Burn

by Julia Talbot
15 pages / 4600 words
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Danny's career in Motocross is over, thanks to a bad pair of knees, and maybe too much hard living. When his sponsors and friends take off, all he has left is his pain in the butt assistant, Todd. He's never seen Todd in the light he does now, but it may be too late. Todd thinks Danny has a new life, one he has no place in. Can they see how much they need each other before they crash and burn?


Flying Dan Morrell loved the adrenaline rush that came with jumping his motorcycle over shit. The weightlessness that came from flying, when he reached that pinnacle right before the bike started to pull him down, gave him a freedom he never had on the ground. At least not with his sports medicine guy giving him Hell.

"Danny, your knees just can't take much more of this," Francis was going on. And on. "You need to take some time off, maybe think about surgery."

"No way. All natural, that's the Dan-man." He wasn't going to get plastic and metal and shit in his knees. No way.

"Then you'll be crippled by the time you're forty." Packing his little bag, Francis patted his wrapped up leg. "At least stay off it today and ice it, okay? You'll be feeling it by supper time."

"I'll be fine." Waiting until Francis left, Dan grabbed his own little bag, pulling out a bottle of pain pills. He popped two, grinning at how pissed Francis would be that he had them, and swallowed them dry.

Dude. Foul.

He flopped back down on the couch in his trailer and turned on the TV. Sooner or later his assistant, Todd, would show up, clucking and fussing. Maybe by the time the guy got there he'd be in a nice blue haze from the pills.

In fact, Dan was asleep when Todd came in. Well, he assumed so, because when Todd shook his shoulder he stopped snoring and drooling and snapped awake.


"Wake up, Danny. You have an appointment in ten minutes."

His hand felt disconnected from his body when he scrubbed it over his face. Ow. Whiskers. "Uh-uh. Doc says no standing, no walking. At least not tonight. Tell the sponsors I'm laid up."

Todd's green eyes went emerald hard and pissy. "Oh, Hell no. I'll bring them here. Get your ass dressed and presentable. You have fifteen."

"Remind me why I hired you, again?" Dan snarled, taking a swipe at the man.

"Because I was the only one you couldn't scare off, you bad-tempered bastard. Now get ready."

The door slammed back on its hinges when Todd left, and Dan sighed, levering to his feet. Man, he wished he was out on his bike.

The whole responsible adult part of his business sucked rocks.