clear cut

About Cotton Candy

by Rob Knight
10 pages / 3213 words
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Jules is looking for a little trouble at the local carnival. He wants some excitement, and college students are just too young and easy for him.

That's when he meets Six, who has just the right aura of danger and heat. The two of them decide to check out the carnival's hidden attractions, and each other. Are they in for the ride of their lives?


College students, especially drunk ones, were far too easy. Too bad they were the only thing going in town. Not that the carnival was bad. The atmosphere went well enough with his mood, and the beer was free as long as he could be British and charming. But he was a bit bored. Just a bit. Jules was spoiling to make a tiny spot of trouble. Nothing nasty. There was just fuck all going on, and he wanted something exciting. He could only have his palm read so many times.

The boys were pretty enough to look at, but most of them were after tits, not dick, and Jules itched. Under his skin, where it was hard to ease. He needed... something. But he was starting to think there was nothing he needed there.

One of the carnies -- had to be from the funhouse, naked chest all painted up in black and white, nipples pierced and chained, black stud running right through his bottom lip -- bumped into him, hit him hard. Damned near spilled his beer. The guy jumped, too-green eyes flashing up at him. "Oops. Fuck. Sorry, yeah? Avoiding the twinkies. Fucking girls, all squeals and shit."

"Fair enough. S'why I'm supposedly out of the way over here. Well, that and the fucked up little frat boys." Jules looked the guy over. Freak. Generally a good thing. And the paint was a nice touch.

He got a wicked grin, a tilt of the bald head. "What? The frat boys aren't spreading? With that voice of yours? I don't believe it."

"They might spread readily enough, mate, but they don't know how to hurt, yeah?" Jules knew he was pushing it, but something about that grin made him reckless.

Those eyes widened and the guy stepped closer, close enough that he could smell the heavy, rich scent of leather pants. "Yeah. I get you. I'm going to find one of the grownup parties, this silly-shit's getting old."

Smelled bloody good. Jules shifted, moving a little closer himself, until they were firmly in each other's space. "Not much in the way of grown-up tonight, is there? Else I wouldn't be here."

"Cool." He got a grin and then the guy leaned in, nostrils flaring. "Oh. Yeah." The stud was caught between white teeth; he could hear the clink of the links in the chain suspended between the tight nipples. "Ever played hide and seek, Pretty?"