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About Shifting Again

Edited by Rob Knight
286 pages / 110800 words
ISBN: 978-1-934166-23-9, 1-934166-23-5
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The shapeshifter is one of the hottest figures in literature today, and with good reason. There's something about a man who's more than a man, something about the primal instinct, that gets our juices flowing.

Shifting Again has it all, from werewolves to less traditional tigers to a take on the old seal skin legend. Authors like Kara Larson, Camilla Bruce, Sean Michael and Cat Zheng give us the kind of heat and tooth baring animal attraction we've all come to know and love with Shifting and Shifting Too. Grab the tiger by the tail and read Shifting Again today!



Stephanie Vaughan, author of the upcoming novel Off-World, writes:

Eight creative minds use shape-shifters as a jumping off point in this third installment of Torquere Press’s best selling franchise, Shifting Again. Cat Zheng starts things off with a bang – literally -- in Hide, a gritty futuristic fantasy. Reluctant soldier Vonne fights Primitives as he hunts for his missing teammate, Hewitt. Has Hewitt been captured? Or, worse, gone over to the other side?

Rescuing Ryan, by Sara Bell, is a beautifully told contemporary romance. Love, intrigue, passion, and treachery all add their flavors to the mix as Ryan seeks an answer to the age-old question: can a busted up E.R. doc, recovering from a devastating accident, find happiness in the arms (and fangs) of a modern day werewolf?

A. Steele puts a new twist on the story of the Greek immortal, Prometheus, in Who Will Know? Punished by Zeus for bringing fire to mortals, Prometheus is shackled to a rock, to be tormented by an eagle for all eternity. Steele’s eagle doesn’t take his revenge by tearing Prometheus’s flesh, though; rather, he has devised something much more twisted. The shortest of the eight stories, Who Will Know? packs a powerful emotional punch that will linger in your mind and imagination.

Sean Michael takes a walk on the wild side with The Lost Tiger. When Greyson befriends Torao, refugee from a small traveling circus, he gets the shock of his life when he wakes the next morning to find a tiger sleeping in his bed. By turns light-hearted and sweetly touching, Michael gives us a peek at the animal lover in his soul with this gorgeous story that will heat your blood and leave you smiling.

Part erotica, part fable, Camilla Bruce’s Plums tells the story of Simon the Ferryman, who carries the bodies of the dead to their final resting place. A haunting story of a star-crossed love, Plums is vividly told.

Set in the artsy neighborhood enclave of Cooper-Young in Memphis, Angel skillfully weaves the stories of two sets of werewolf lovers in Singing Up The Moon. Corin and Cian – an unusual mating of werewolf and sidhe – are a mature couple who have settled in Memphis to open an alchemist’s shop, while Dan and Paul are a pair of long distance lovers who have chosen the Cooper-Young Festival as a meeting spot for the latest of their all-to-infrequent meetings. Filled with scenes of family and local color, Singing up the Moon explores the lengths couples will go to in order to make a relationship work.

Seal Skin, by Kara Larson, opens with the death of Erlend’s young wife in childbirth. Lonely and distraught when left so suddenly to raise his children alone, Erland gives in to a moment’s madness when he sees a selkie shed his skin and steals the skin, knowing the selkie will have no choice but to stay with Erlend and his family. Neither Erlend nor Ronan, the selkie, ever imagined themselves in such a situation and this bittersweet telling of how the two men find love together is magical.

BA Tortuga brings the anthology to a close with Alpha, a muscular, passionate story of two werewolves fighting themselves and each other.
When Roman returns to his home in the woods, he is not happy to find that a younger werewolf has had the audacity to take up residence. Cage, having won the home fair and square in a fight with another werewolf, has no intention of giving way to Roman, no matter how attractive he might be. The two tangle immediately and Tortuga sweeps us along in this bumpy, breathless ride as Roman teaches Cage what it means to be pack.

Shifting Again is a gloriously satisfying banquet of shape shifters, offering something for everyone. A wonderful way to keep warm on a long winter night, indulge yourself with this sensual, thought-provoking anthology tonight.


From Hide, by Cat Zheng

His boots felt like rocks tied to his feet--without thinking and almost without breaking stride he reached down and unlaced them, kicking them off and leaving them behind him. His socks went next; the forest floor wasn't kind on soft human feet, but somehow to the stings and the tears and the pain only made him feel more alive. He slowed. Something just wasn't right. Was this what it was, to become one of those things, become a throwback? He felt like he could smell everything, see everything, hear everything. He knew his heart was pounding and his temperature was too high and he was feverish and delirious, but he couldn't stop. Like he could just let go of the ground and fucking fly--

The echo of the dream-thing's words was like a slap in the face, throwing off his pace entirely. His foot snagged a third time and sent him face first into a tangle of low, thorny plants hidden in the waist-high green. As he struck the ground he felt every little ache and throb and stinging cut on his body. He rolled over and a wicked pain lanced up his legs. How long had he been running? What was he running from, anyway? Or running toward? His body ached like it had been hours. Shit, that was a joke. He'd never been able to keep up a hard run more than a few minutes, never mind an hour.

He struggled to his feet but his thighs felt like masses of fire. He had to ignore it, go above it. If he was gonna turn into a goddamn Primitive he might as well let some of their more sensible ideas apply--he closed his eyes, counted to three, tried to go beyond his physical being.

From Alpha, By BA Tortuga

The ground felt good under his paws, solid and firm, just a little damp, just a little cool. Autumn was coming, Cage could smell it in the air, sharp as a knife where the winds cut through the trees.

He was getting tired, slowly but surely the moon had stopped calling and the extra energy had started to fade, the urge to run and run and hunt easing as he neared home.

A hare crossed his path, right before he turned toward the den and his nose twitched.



His direction shifted, motions quiet and sure, nose on the ground as he tracked.

So intent was he on his trail that he missed the big black blur that came at him until the last minute, when it hit him and sent him rolling over and over. Heavy snarls filled the air as his attacker went for his throat.

No. No. His den.

Instinct took over, teeth flashing as he fought to find his feet, to defend his territory with all he was, fur to bone.

The Other was bigger, maybe stronger, pushing at him, teeth snapping only inches from his throat. The ground churned beneath their paws as they fought, back and forth.

He managed a sharp bite to one ear, another to the big male's flank as he tried to keep his throat, his ruff away from those teeth. The ground beneath their feet gave way and he jumped back, landing hard and snapping his teeth in the air in a direct challenge.



The Other came in again, answering him with bared teeth and wild golden eyes, pushing him hard, going for his vulnerable lower back legs.

Cage ended up scrambling for higher ground, claws scraping on the stone and bark left exposed on the ground. He could taste blood, sharp and metallic on his tongue and it tasted like prey.

Bounding after him, the Other seemed tireless, seemed to grow larger, the ruff standing up around his neck. That tail had to be twice as full as Cage's.

A pure fury filled him, sure as the sunlight that was lightening the sky. Hold on. Hold on. The sun was coming and he wouldn't lose his home. He wouldn't.

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