clear cut

About Couple Seeks Friendship

by Rob Knight
36 pages / 14700 words
ISBN: 978-1-60370-036-8, 1-60370-036-6
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Justin and Ricky are a solid couple, very much in love, perfectly happy together. So why are they putting personal ads in the local dating columns? That's what reporter Kell wants to know for the story he's decided to do. He meets them, expecting them to be a couple of weirdoes with a lot of issues, and instead he finds a pair of the hottest guys he's ever met. And the most normal to boot. The kind of guys he can fall in love with if he lets himself. See what happens when they all find what they're looking for.


2 GWM, drug-disease free, looking for third GM for friendship, companionship, possibly more. No mind-games. No bullshit.

The ad was small, innocuous, and in a valid underground newspaper with a good reputation. Which was why Kell had answered it as opposed to the hundred or more other similar ads he'd seen. One of the magazines he freelanced for had approached him, their one known gay writer, about doing a piece on the swinging scene, and he'd taken his own approach to it, looking to do an in depth interview with a committed couple.

Which was why he was there, sitting on a barstool in a small, neighborhood bar waiting for them to show up. He'd left a voicemail at the number listed, gotten a response, set up a date. And he'd been up front about what he wanted, too. But they were still willing, so what the Hell. He just wished he wasn't so unaccountably nervous.

"You Kell?" A gruff voice sounded from beside him and he half-turned to see a short, square man in jeans and a tight-tight t-shirt put a ten-spot on the bar. "One lager and a... what do you want, Ricky? Wine? Soda?"

The kid at the short one's shoulder was at least a head taller and skinny as a broom. "I'll have a coke, Just." The kid's voice was soft; he almost had to strain to hear it.

"Yeah. I mean, yes. I'm Kell. Kell Andrews. Thanks for taking the time." He wasn't sure if he should offer to shake hands or not, but he did, figuring at least it gave him something to do with the damned things.

Justin's hand was hot, strong, the shake firm. "Nice to meet you, Justin Gremillion. This here's Ricky."

Then Justin turned back to the bartender, "That was one lager and a coke, no ice. And watch the head on that beer, I'm not paying for foam, yeah?"

Justin hopped onto the barstool beside Kell, his partner sort of drifting behind him. "We didn't keep you waiting too long? There was a wee accident at the job site and then with traffic and showering and parking and shit, time sure flies, you know?"

"No, I'm good. I've just enough time to drink one beer and wonder what the heck I'm doing here." He gave Justin a wry smile and nodded at quiet one, Ricky? Who looked a little lost. "But I appreciate you meeting me."

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