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About Stranger Things Have Happened: New York

by Willa Okati
43 pages / 19000 words
ISBN 978-1-60370-065-8, 1-60370-065-X
Available file types - html, lit, pdf, prc

Rack and Daniel are back! Willa Okati's popular boys from In the Strangest Places are in New York, traveling with a tattoo expo, working hard and playing hard, too. They're turning the trip into a honeymoon, exploring their relationship with all of the love and heat they could ask for.

What they don't bargain for is Daniel losing his job, making them wonder if they'll be able to stay together on the road. Can Rack find a way to keep Daniel with him and keep their honeymoon going?


It's noisy. It's chaos. It's a noisy sort of chaos, and Daniel's loving every second of it. It would be nice if he could find an excuse to take Rack upstairs for a minute of peace and quiet -- well, probably not peace and quiet, more like wild monkey sex, but still.

Still, this group of rowdy artists and punchers are his friends. All they want to do is give them a really good farewell before they take off into the wild blue yonder.

"Where is the yonder?" Daniel asks Rufus, who's on his way to his cubicle with more ink. "And why is it blue?"

"Got me, man. Hey, just let me finish up with the shading on this guy and I'll be back out to wish you good luck, okay?"

"It's a deal." Daniel high-fives Rufus with the man's free hand, and watches with a grin as he disappears back into his booth. The guy he's working on has to be six-three and weigh over three hundred pounds, but he has an intricate Celtic tattoo on his right arm that Rufus has been working on for months now.

Daniel supposes it's better than woad.

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